Tuesday, March 26, 2013


TRAUMA - DEMO 7" (Bulkhead)
Another demo tape has been released on 7" format. It seems like demo 7"s have become the norm in the world of hardcore, but in this case it was done with good cause. I've already been into Trauma's debut 12" back from last year, but the ten tracks from their demo recorded in 2008 are even better. The songs sound rougher and faster compared with their 12" and that's just the perfect addition to Trauma's brand of straight blasting hardcore. The Scandanavian hardcore influence is obvious here. They combine the style of Swedish bands like Totalitär or Meanwhile with classic Finish and US hardcore. The result is comparable with other Portland bands like Warcry or Deathreat. "Soma" and "Fall In Line" two of the best tracks from the demo also made it on their 12" on Feral Ward. Trauma consist of people from from Tragedy, Final Warning, His Hero Is Gone, From Ashes Rise, Deathreat etc., but this 7" speaks for itself. (Listen to it here)

VA - PDX VOLUME 3 7" (Blackwater)
The third round of this great compilation series focused on bands from Portland, Oregon. This city produces countless of amazing bands and this piece of wax is yet another good example. Volume one was focused on Wipers influenced dark punkrock, the second volume featured goth and wave punk and this third volume is full of pounding hardcore. Bi-Marks contribute one track of their mix of catchy 80s US hardcore and 70s rock riffs. Portlland allstar band Trauma nail down two tracks of their crushing fast and straight hardcore with hints of Scandinavian hardcore. Both tracks sound like they've been recorded during their 12" studio session. Wild Mohicans play Poison Idea "Feel The Darkness" era heavy rockin' hardcorepunk. Last but not least Venas Abiertas offer two tracks of super raw Latino punk. This is a well done document of the current Portland hardcore scene! (Listen to it here)