Sunday, March 24, 2013


VIOLENT FUTURE - S/T 7" (Slasher)
Hailing from Toronto, Canada Violent Future consist of members of Urban Blight. This four track 7" is already their second release after their demo 7" on Painkiller. They take the oi! and streetpunk influence of their former band and push it way into the forefront, while maintaining the heaviness and power of hardcore. The result are gruff midtempo songs merging the classic Boston and New York hardcore vibe of bands like The Abused, Antidote, SS Decontrol or Negative FX with highly authentic oi!-punk in the vein of Blitz and Iron Cross. Their songs are full of blasting riffs and pounding drums and they are both catchy and powerful. Violent Future's style sounds tough in it's most positive way, especially because of the brilliant throaty vocals, The lyrcis deal with obvious streetpunk topics: they are basically about the life on the streets. Not very original, but it fits well to Violent Future's mix of oi! and hardcore. This is really an amazingly great 7"! (Listen to it here)