Monday, May 6, 2013


GOD'S WILL - THIS IS GOD'S WILL 7" (Signaler Fran Ovan)
Amercia during the early 80s was by far the best period and place in the entire history of hardcore. I'm still amazed about the quantity and quality of bands playing top notch hardcore back then and there are still plenty of bands to discover like for example God's Will from Norfolk, Virginia. They consist of almost the same line-up like Front Line, who's 7" has recently been reissued on Beach Impediment. Back in 1983 God's Will released their "Hey Youre On My Property Now Son!" 7". The recordings for this reissue were taken from the same session and they were unreleased for almost 30 years. Sweden's Signal Fran Ovan Records did a great job making them available for the very first time. God's Will play straight up classic US hardcore. Compared with Frontline the songs are a little bit shorter and faster, but with more time changes and varied structures. Imagine Koro were into early Boston and early New York hardcore. To make it short: This is really an overseen classic, so if you like early 80s US hardcore, this 7" is probably for you. (Listen to it here)