Thursday, May 2, 2013


The Traditional Fools were a short-lived San Francisco based band featuring TY Segall. Besides two singles this LP was their one and only full lenght release. It originaly came out in 2008 on Wizard Mountains and Make A Mess and as a tape on Burger Records. It was sould out for a long time until In The Red made it available again for good reasons. Songtitles like "Party At My House", "Snot Rag", "Shredstick" or "Kill Someonse You Hate" illustrate that The Traditional Fools don't take things too serious. Their selftitled album intends to be nothing but a pure party record filled with simple surf-punk tunes. Equipped with an brlliant lo-fi production including crushung, full distorted guitars  they nail down thirteen origin rock'n'roll blasts, that are catchy as hell. Think of The Reatards meets Crypt styled punkrock in the vein of Thee Headcoats and Dick Dale inspired surf riffs. It's pretty hard not to associate this record with beer, partys and pre-partys. Fuckin' great! (Listen to it here)
TY Segall and Mikal Cronin are two masterminds of the huge San Francisco neo-60s scene. Segall should be well known from his varios solo releases, his collaborations with Sic Alps, White Fence or Thee Oh Sees and from his participation in short-lived bands like The Perverts or Traditional Fools. Cronin has been a member of The Moonhearts and Okie Dokie. Since 2010 he has released two full albums and two singles as a solo artist. Segall and Cronin also worked together several times: Both were in the hardcore band Party Fowl and in the garage punk band The Epsilons. And they've supported each other during the studio sessions for their solo recordings. In 2009 Segall and Croning joined the forces to release this LP on Kill Shaman as well as another 7" on Goodbye Bozzy. In The Red has now reissued their long sold out full lenght. If you dig any of the previous mentioned bands, you'll probably also digging this album. "Reverese Shark Attacks" is filled with well written 60s punk tunes. Super fuzzy guitars and effect loaded vocals are paired with sweet melodies and Mikal Cronin's astonishing great harmonies. They throw in slight surf and psych influences for good measure. The a-side features seven straight blasting numbers including an amazing cover of Pink Floyd's "Take Up They Stethescope And Walk". The b-side contains only one epic song. The record's titletrack is probably the first 10 minutes lasting 60s punk tune in the entire history of music. It'scone of the most memorable tracks, because it's various and fascinating enough to keep it interesting for the full playtime. (Listen to it here)