Friday, June 7, 2013


Ashtray Boy are one of the longest running Australian indie groups. Fronted by former The Cannanes member Randall Lee Ashtray Boy have been based in different places wordwide during their almost 30 years lasting band history: Sydney, Chicago, Vancouver and Melbourne. During the mid 90s there have even been two working Ashtray Boy line-ups in Chicago and Sydney both fronted by Randall Lee, who's the only constant Ashtray Boy member in their long history. "Together" is not a regular studio album. It's a collecton of hard to find tracks taken from several compilations and 7" releases. It also offers some so far unreleased material. The thirteen songs were recorded between 1995 and 2008. The recorded starts with a fantastic cover version of "Dead End Street" my alltime favorite The Kinks track and it underlines Ashtray Boy's preference for music from the 60s. Their influences range from 60s folk to psych-pop, garage and UK postpunk, but in the end it's Ashtray Boy's own unique brand of indie-rock. The songs are driven by Randell Lee's striking deep voice and his well thought lyrics with his own great sense of humor. "Holiday" is the most memorable track of this fantastic collection. A catchy as hell poppy garage-punk smash hit. "Raymond E. Feist" is a well done instrumental, that's probably the records most heartwarming song. The great thing about this records is it's variety of different styles. You never know what the next song will sound like. There three more cover versions of New Order, The Go-Betweens and Ian & Silvi are a perfect example for Ashtray Boy's open-minded musical approach. (Listen to it here)