Thursday, June 13, 2013


After two brilliant full lenghts and a single on Ken Rock Bäddat För Trubbel are back with another excellent four track EP. Forget all the much-hyped Swedish 70s retro bands, Bäddat För Trubbel are easily Sweden's best current punk group. From the alcohol abuse cover art to the very last chord, this record is nothing but another true winner record. Bäddat För Trubbel combine British pre-punk pubrock not unlike The 101ers or The Sleaze with a strong Stiff Little Fingers influence and the best moments of the Swedish Killed By Death Volumes #50 and #51. The result are simple, unpolished and primal rock'n'roll tunes with their own smart kind of catchiness. On top of that there's the harsh and brutal sound of the Swedish lyrcis performed by highly distinctive, gnarly vocals. To make it short: This is yet another must have record in the Bäddat För Trubbel discography. (Listen to it here)      
Minneapolis based hardcorepunks Condominium are back with a brandew 7" after a two years lasting release hiatus. "Carl" follows a bunch of hard to find 7"s and their latest "Warm Home" full lenght from 2011. I've been digging all their previous records, but this 7" is probably their best effort so far. The opening track "Show Them" is an uncompromising no frills hardcorepunk tune. Tight, primal and to the point made with pounding beats, harsh furious vocals, a wall of ugly guitar and bass distortions and a clean, but powerful production. Like a modern version of Poison Idea "Pick Your King", but a lot better than the tons of current retro hc bands. "Eating The Universe" is slower hardcore song mixing elements of Black Flag's "Damaged" masterpiece with slight hints of noise-rock. Titletrack "Carl" on the flipside is a more unconventional noise-rock meets sludge number with a dissonant bass line and non typical drum beats in the forefront. It's simular to the sound of their new label mates Pissed Jeans. I'm definitely not into all Sub Pop releases, but I think it's really remarmakable, that a label on this scale still releases fantastic no frills underground punk and harcore records! (Listen to it here
Pleasure Leftists are a Cleveland post punk four-piece made up of former Nine Shocks Terror members. After a full lenght on Fan Death Brooklyn based label Katorga Works has released their new two track single. Pleasure Leftists take the best parts of late 70s and early 80s UK wave groups with influences ranging from Siouxsie And The Banshees, The Sound, The Cure, Killing Joke, New Order and Factory releases in general. They merge an array of reverb-friendly, discreet guitars with an melodic undertone, hard driving drum beats and energetic bass lines. Their songs are characterized by creating a desperate, dark atmosphere and Haley Morris' totally unique vocal style. "Elephent Men" is an incredible, immediate and catchy-as-hell wave gem with an super cold twang. On the flipside the early 80s UK indie vibe becomes more obvious with great subtle melodies floating through. Many current bands want to revive classic dark British post punk and wave, but Pleasure Leftists are probably the best among them! A superb single! (Listen to it here)

Don't be confused by the German sound of the bandname. Schonwald are a duo from Italy. After a four year release hiatus this single finally follows their "Amplified Nature" 12" released on Belgian Pocket Heaven label. Schonwald's electronic tunes are eqipped with an arsenal of simple pounding drum machine beats and minimal, cold, cosmic or dreamy electronic sounds, that are smartly and varied used. Schonwald write thoughful, deep, but minimal songs with a wide range of different influences. On the surface there's an obvious early 80s European synth-pop and minimal wave influence. The atmospheric, hypnotic and spaced out  electronic overtones show hints of Chrome and 70s German electronic music in the vein of Neu! and Kraftwerk. But in the end it's Schonwald's very own brand of modern postpunk with their playful and gripping vocals in the forefront. If you're dig current releases on Sacred Bones, Captured Tracks and Night People and if you're into bands like Terror Bird, Zola Jesus and Soft Moon, you'll probably also be digging this brilliant two track single. (Listen to it here)