Thursday, August 1, 2013


THE INSTIGATION - S/T 7" (Selfreleased)
After a ripping demo tape here's the first vinyl release by The Instigation. They are an international band consisting of members coming from the UK, Japan, China and Canada. The Instigation recently relocated from Shanghai to Tokyo. So the term "Chinese hardcore" has become irrelevant, but they definitely need no disputable extra bonus, because their music totally speaks for itself. Their songs are deeply rooted in the origins of hardcore. They capture the vibe of America's suburbia during the early 80s when punkrock got generally faster, heavier, and more abrasive than before. The Instigation crank out four fast but not too fast tunes plus an unlisted cover of Black Flag's "White Minority". Greg Ginn's guitarplaying on early Black Flag records has also audibily influenced The Instigation. Add some Teen Idles, Middle Class and Angry Samoans and you'll probably get an idea how brilliant this 7" is. To the point arrangements are paired with energetic no frills drum-beats and crushing guitars. Only the vocals' heavy british accent is rather atypical. They remind me of The Shitty Limits and current '82 UK influenced groups. If you like classic hardcore, do yourself a favor and get this 7", but better be fast: it's limited to 200 handnumbered copies! (Listen to it here)