Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Hailing from Sterling, Virginia Tideland is a postpunk trio consinsting of former PG.99 and Forensics members. "Lull" is already their third full lenght. In contrast to their prior "Asleep In The Graveyard" LP they are now a lot more focused on writing fluid songs filled with an undercurrent of catchy melodies. They've definitely pushed their dirty post-hardcore vibe into the background, but they are still heavily inspired by music from the 90s. Even tough I don't like most bands from that period, I'm totally digging this album. The reason for this is they only pick their influences from the best moments of 90s underground music. "Lull" sounds like a pounding fusion of early 90s Sub Pop grunge, shoegaze and Dinosaur Jr. like indie-rock. Especially the sound of the guitar with it's use of distortion, pitch bending, and reverbs is heavily shoegaze influenced and it shows obvious simularities to My Bloody Valentine. The nasally vocals have taken a positive development. They've become one of the main secrets of Tidelands tunes with their harmonic, melodic and highly distinctive style. The rhythm section is super tight and pounding. Add a powerful, clean and modern production and you'll probably get an idea, how brilliant this record is. (Listen to it here)