Monday, August 26, 2013


WILDMEN - S/T LP (Shit Music For Shit People)
After Schonwald, His Electro Blue Voice and Miss Chain & The Broken Heels here's my latest discovery from the Italian underground scene: Wildmen are a duo from Rome. They play 60s inspired music drawing influences from garage, folk and a few hints of country. Black Lips, Jacuzzi Boys and Ty Segall are logical references, even if Wildmen's no frills punk attitude sharply distinguishes them from beeing just a poor immitation. The songcraft is rollicking, highly addictive and the whole record finds a perfect balance between beeing melodic and raw. The melodic side becomes obvious though great vocal harmonies, catchy-as-hell refrains and brilliant guitar-leads. The rawness is made with a adequate use of fuzz-pedals, straight pounding drum beats and a three-chord pimitivity comparable with 90s Rip Off releases. While most other garage bands sound a lot more interesting on 7" format, Wildmen succed to hold the tension over the playtime of a full LP. There's really not a single filler track and the whole record sounds like a non-stop sequence of impressing, immediate two minute punk blasts. Highly recommended! (Listen to it here)