Sunday, September 29, 2013


This is the third full album in four years by Chicago based four-piece Heavy Times. They've matured their songwriting step by step from release to release. "Fix It Alone" is probably their best effort so far. The record is filled with 18 dense and centered songs, the majority of them is shorter than two minutes. Heavy Times' music is both rough and poppy. Their songs are first of all rooted in the sound of classic and current punk groups like The Wipers, Hüsker Dü, Hex Dispensers or Mind Spiders and it's all delivered with rawness and intensity. In contrast to that they also bring a melodic brand of 90s-inspired indie- and grunge-pop with simularities to Guided By Voices and Superchunk. Everything is covered in a fantastic guitar-work, that's characterized by plenty of melodic guitar leads. The harmonic wall of vocals underline the poppy sound of their compositions. From the very first to the last second "Fix It Alone" is really an impressive piece of indie-punk. A total banger! (Listen to it here)