Saturday, October 5, 2013


Don't let the frontcover fool you, this record has nothing to do with goth music. Philadelphia based trio Lantern sounds like a reincarnation of the best moments of American rock music. If I didn't know it better, I would think this album was recorded some time in the mid 70s. "Rock'n'Roll Rorschach" is a gritty, brash and snotty fusion of rock, glam, blues, garage, protopunk and sleaze. Lantern write midtempo songs based on fat ripping riffs, tasty sharp guitar-leads, a driving groove, bombastic vocals and a few saxophone notes. Some songs capture a straight on rock feel, some are more focused on groovy blues elements, but all are made with insane repetitive structures, which will hammer the hook right into your frontal lobes. In contrast to their previous cassette and vinyl singles, this record is equipped with a professional studio-production, which makes it sound even more pounding. The eight songs on this album are certainly no less exciting than your favourite records from The Stooges, MC5. New York Dolls, David Bowie, Alice Cooper and The Rolling Stones. So do yourself a favour and get this wild piece of top notch rock music. (Listen to it here)