Friday, October 4, 2013


This 7" follows Axis:Sova's last years "Weight Of A Color" full length on Kill Shaman. Brett Sova is the guy behind this Chicago based one-man-band. He creates his tunes with a guitar, a bass, a drum machine, a synth and a piano. The a-side features a blown-out direct 70s rock anthem with a muddy production. "Past The Edge" merges the sleazy rawness of The Stooges with an addictive groove and spacier sounds in the vein of Hawkwind. There are some simularities to Spacin' and Birds Of Maya, but the song definitely speaks for itself. "Grading On A Curce" leads into the world of electronic music with it's warm, bright and noisy sounds. It shows influences of 70s krautrock simular to Conrad Schnitzler, Harmonia or early Kraftwerk. Both songs on this single sound totally different, but they are both great in their own ways. (Listen to it here)

The world would be a better place, if all "college rock" sounded like this. Mordecai's previous LP and 7" have already been brilliant, but this new album tops it all. Hailing from the small town Butte in Montana Mordecai have developed their own distinctive brand of rock'n'roll and it's basically about deconstruction. The twelve songs reject harmonies and typical verse-chorus structures. Things are based on a monotonic rythm section, a unique spoken vocal style and blown-out heavy distorted guitar noise. The production sounds like it has been recorded live in one take with a few microphones standing in a large room. Drums and vocals generate the impression, that they're coming from a cellar one storey below. Sometimes even the volume-level drops within a song. Mordecai play broken and destructive music in most possible ways. It's something between 60s garage and UK DIY postpunk. Or to speak in terms of compilations: Mordecai are an ugly product of Back From The Grave and Missthetics. Great!!! (Listen to it here)