Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Ex-Reatard Ryan Rousseau started Destruction Unit in 2000. What began as a synth-punk project in Memphis including Jay Reatard and Alicja Trout of the Lost Sounds, has turned over the the past years into a psychedelic punk direction. "Deep Trip" is already the sixth full lenght release by this Arizona based collective. With these recordings Destruction Unit push their music to another level, merging elements of punkrock, garage and hardcore with space-rock in the vein of Hawkwind and Chrome. Things are based on a really smart songwriting. Throughout, crushing riffs and blasting drums are paired with wah pedal effects, modulated distortion and psychedelic freakouts. The songs are spacy and repetitive, but at the same Destruction Unit keep things catchy, simple and straightforward. You can hear, that this band has has put a lot of thought into experiencing their right sound. The power and brutality of this guitar-driven wall of sound creates the impression, that it seems fairly irrelevant, what this bands actually plays, because everything will sound really really cool. (Listen to it here)