Tuesday, November 19, 2013


BAD VISION - S/T LP (Every Night Is A Saturday Night/ Adagio 830)
After their brilliant "112/Visions" 7" here's the first full lenght by Bad Vision. Some bands do not succeed to maintain the high quality of their songs over the full playtime of a LP, but this Melbourne based four-piece certainly proves the contrary. The recording is very tight and direct with enough punch and crunch. Bad Vision blast through fourteen bangers in a melodic, fuzzy and powerful punk way. Things are based on snarling guitars, consistently pounding drums and plenty of brilliant vocal harmonies. The recording somehow captures the pop sensibility of The Buzzcocks, the finesse of Wire, the noisy rawness of early TY Segall recordings, some dark Wipers undertones and the raw power of late 70s Aussie punkrock. While that, in itself, may not be something new or all that exciting in 2013, Bad Vision know how to fuse these elements to a an overall fantastic result. If you're a fan of orginal garage, punk and rock'n'roll this record  will satisfy all of your desires. (Listen to it here)

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia Bone transcend musical boundaries from a bass and drums driven sound, to destructive noise and hints of atmospheric soundscapes. The band's unique mixture of a slowmotion-rhythms, crabby guitar riffs and absent vocals drifting in and out create a surreal depth to their broken sound. Bone's music pulls from 90s Touch&Go noiserock and distills it through effect-loaded post-rock offerings. The band's vinyl debut "For Want Of Feeling" with it's repetitive and nihilistic structures is a challenging and exhausting experience for listeners. It's a hard task to listen to the whole LP at once, because Bone create music with the help of hardly understandable songstructures, a difficult to bear slowness and a depressive, cold feel. At the same time exactly this is one of the record's main secrets. (Listen to it here

After their "Aloha" LP Melbourne's Cuntz are back with their second full length in the year 2013 and it's yet another killer record. The band's unique blend of merciless noise-punk creates a stunning dirtiness to their dynamic sound. Cuntz continue to write their songs with the help of thumping basslines, pounding rhythm, angular riffs, snarling vocals and fantastic lyrics full of bitterness and cynicism. With "Solid Mates" Cuntz have perfected their balance of dissonance and direct blasting energy. The album is heavily infused by Flipper's weirdness and by the ferocity of their Australian punk forefathers Venom P. Stinger. But for a band that relies heavily on a blaring ugly sound, this quartet also manages to give their songs a sophisticaton, that has more connections with early Rough Trade releases. A total banger! (Listen to it here)

Lace Curtain is a new Australian electro project including members of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Total Control and Rat Columns. With Lace Curtain they seem to take Total Control's influences of electronic music and push them way into the forefront. The result sounds like a 21st century version of krautrock, synth-pop and 80s dance music. "Falling/Running" features four long tracks, all with a playtime over five minutes. The recordings are characterised by their mix of cold and warm synth sounds, pumping beats, outstanding bass lines and excellent, sporadic vocal parts. On a first listen it seems easy to compare Lace Curtain with bands like Cluster, Kraftwerk and New Order, but give it a few more spins and you'll realize, that this is their own signature-sound with a lot more depth, variations and dancable rhythms. An excellent debut, that will make you begging for more. (Listen to it here)

NATIVE CATS - DALLAS LP (R.I.P. Society/ Ride The Snake) 
With their second full lenght Tasmania's Native Cats have perfected their brand of postpunk. This duo definitely knows how to make a lot out of a little. Equipped with a bass, vocals and cheap electronics they write songs with class and originality. Native Cats' music and their dark vocals are first of all rooted in the sound of classic UK postpunk, but at the time "Dallas" represents a break to their previous New Order worship. The album unites a larger spectrum of different influences and it sounds more minimal, atmospheric and noisier than ever before. The bass-driven songwriting recalls Shellac's noise-rock, while the primtive electronic sounds bring to mind 80s pop music. The stripped down arrangements only seem to allow a little room for change, but by taking an experimental, open-minded approach Native Cats give their tunes a deep sound. There's no doubt, that this is one of this year's best postpunk records. (Listen to it here)

The French Bruit Direct label delivers the second full lenght by this Brisbane based sextet. Sky Needle sound experimental in most possible ways. They write repititive songs on the basis of minimal percussions, electronics and homemade instruments. With every new repetition they hammer their weird groove deeper into your frontal lobe. The use of plank, leghorn, speaker box  bass and foot-pumped air-hornes opens up a highly unconventional sound spectrum. The musical result is as diverse and destructive as one may expect from such a lineup, with the different sounds coalescing into twelve painful, challenging, gloomy and noisy tunes. Ethereal passages and disharmony lead into mesmerizing and pulverising sonic obliteration. Sarah Byrne's varied vocals add a distinct range of phonic mantras and powerful-voiced harmonies. As a whole "Debased Shapes" is a truely unique piece of experimental music.(Listen to it here)