Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Chicago based four-piece Crown Larks build their songs by using both common and uncommon rock instruments. Their musical spectrum ranges between clarinete, flute, zither and saxophone on the one hand and drums, guitars, bass and keys on the other. This opens up various musical possibilities. Most tracks are defined by a different instrument. Their selfreleased 7-track debut "Catalytic Conversion" ties together 90s post-rock influences with the the more traditional sound of 70s psychedelic and progressive rock. Some of Crown Lakes' compositions drift into extended jams, but with the help of different sounds and ideas there's not a single second, that feels wasted. The changes of tempo, mood and intensity raise the suspens level high. Not unlike a jazz formation the core of Crown Lark's music is their talent for improvisation and musical interplay. This is an overall strong and refreshing debut release, that will leave you begging for more. (Listen to it here)