Saturday, December 7, 2013


Actually I don't like most singer/songwriter music. All those lame Elliot Smith wannabes and redneck country renevators have bothered me too much during the last couple of years. That is why I had low expectations, when I saw  Rainstick Cowbell performing in the favourite pub of my hometown a few weeks ago, but, however, it's been one of the best shows I've seen this year. Rainstick Cowbell is the moniker of Scott Arbogast from Portland, Oregon. In one of his lyrics he says "Ain't no bright tomorrow, if you don't be real and truthful to yourself" and that's also the best description of Rainstick Cowbell. He proves himself to be not only a virtuoso but also a real authentic musician, that doesn't care about trends and hypes. "Danage Control Damage" is a unpolished, passionate and raw recording showcasing Arbogast's skills as a clever lyricist, versatile songwriter and brilliant songstress. On these recordings he teamed-up with some friends, who underlayed the tracks with drums, synth, bass, second guitar, mandolin or keyboards, but in the end the music is clearly defined by Arbogasts varied, but skillfull voice and his driving accoustic guitar arrangemtents. The mood of the songs ranges from agression to sadness, but in a authentic and true kind of way. The lyrics display his ability to push clever words and personal stories about anger and disappointments into a realm all his own. "Damage Control Damage" is a timeless and unqiue album, that offers some of the best singer/songwriter music in a long time! (Listen to it here)