Monday, December 9, 2013


The name Voight-Kampff is taken from the science fiction thriller "Blade Runner". In the film Blade Runners use the Voight-Kampff machine to determine if individuals are a replicant. The band Voight-Kampff has recorded this album in a two-piece line up consisting of Colin Swanson-White (drums, guitar, bass) and Joseph Sulier (vocals). It originally came out as a tape last year. Now Deranged has put these songs on a 12". They offer a dark style of punkrock, that is currently in vogue. This may sound boring, but Voight-Kampff are really good replicants. The band is heavily influenced by punk legends like Wipers, The Gun Club and Birthday Party, but they don't make it that obvious. The recordings are defined by a fantastic guitar-work based on driving riffs, catchy licks and an undercurrent of fantastic melodies. Greg Sage really couldn't have done it better. They add the swampy, moody flavor of death-rock and combine it into one palatable, delicious mixture. The seven tracks are delivered with strong varied vocals, smart personal lyrics and heavyweight skills regarding the songwriting. Each song on this 12" is nothing but a killer! (Listen to it here)