Sunday, January 19, 2014

NEW 7"s PART 1 OF 6

After their last year's highly recommended debut 12" Green Beret from Boston are back with a brand new 7". It offers six more cuts of rough hardcore-punk led by heavy blazing guitar riffs, gruff vocals and a under-the-surface punk sensibility. Featuring current and former members of Social Cirkle, Blank Stare, Confines Bloody Gears, and Missionary, Green Beret bring classic American, British and Scandinavian hardcore influences together. They call to mind the d-beat driven rawness of Totalitär, the directness of UK'82 and the poltical hardcore of Crucifix. Most tunes are fast and blasting, but Green Beret also succeed to write crushing midtempo songs. This is seriously some of today's best hardcore. (Listen to it here)

IMPALERS / VAASKA - SPLIT 7" (Beach Impediment)  
The two bands on this split 7" continue the great tradition of Texas hardcore. After a demo tape, a 7" and a full LP Impalers crank out two more destructive blasts of driving metallic hardcore-punk with super gruff vocals. Evil metal brutality in the vein of Celtic Frost is paired with d-beat driven hardcore spirit and dirty Motöthead inspired riffs. Vaaska have put out plenty of brilliant records during the last couple of years and their side of this split is another high quality release. This band takes the Discharge influenced sound of 80s Spanish hardcore in the vein of MG-15 and IV Reich and merges it with catchy and melodic punk undertones. Both bands contribute some of their best material to date, so you know this small piece of vinyl is nothing but a must have! (Listen to it here)

Obliteration from Boston, who should not be confused with the Norwegian death-metal band of the same name, consist of members of Mind Eraser, Rival Mob, Knife Fight and Waste Management. After two 7"s that already came out in 2008 and 2009 here's the final release by this allstar-group. They dish up four own pieces of raw punsihing Scandicore plus one brilliant cover version of Saint Vitus' "War Is Our Desitiny". Obliteration recall the classic sound of Anti-Cimex, Avskum and Svart Parad, but the songs are played with a higher precision and tightness. This harsh sound is underlined by rough throaty vocals and it's spiced up by hammering beats and fantastic guitar-solos. Obliteration play pounding no frills hardcore, that needs no darkness and no strong metal influences to be great from the first to the last second. (Listen to it here)

THE REPOS / SPINE - SPLIT 7" (Bad Teeth)   
Some years ago The Repos renamed to The Ropes. Lately they have been forced to use their first name again, because there is another band called The Ropes and they have a trademark on the name. The Repos are easily one of the best hardcore bands of the past decade. They merge classic US hardcore influences in the vein of Negative Approach and early Boston bands to make it their own unique style. Things are based on a mixture of wild blasting hardcore and crushing midtempo parts, but the focus is on the distinctive gnarling vocals. Spine from Kansas, City feature members of Weekend Nachos. They sound like something, that has been recorded in the late 90s. Super fast blistering hardcore is paired with heavy grooving slower interludes, that offer a slight youth-crew flavor. The music is short and to the point and it's all delivered with raging intensity. The vocals gnash and gnarl, while the band cranks out every song as fast and as hard as they can. You get five songs by each band and they are all killer, no filler. Get this 7"! (Listen to it here)