Monday, January 27, 2014

NEW 7"s PART 3 OF 6

Melbourne's East Link feature current members of bands such as Total Control, UV Race and Straightjacket Nation. Their second vinyl single offers two tunes and both are well known from their selftitled cassette release, that came out in 2012 on Creep Dreams and Little Big Chief. East Link use three guitars and consequently their music is driven by a loud guitar driven wall of sound, that's characterized by a ear bleeding mixture of heavy fuzz, crunchy distortion, straight blasting punk riffs and noisy freak outs. The song structures are very repetitive. The vocals capture the same kind of monotony with lyrics consinsting of one or two sentences. These different sounds coalesce into a painful, urgent, destructive and noisy brand of music. Think of a product of "Filth" era The Swans, Birthday Party and Flipper. (Listen to it here)

Here we go with a brand new single by one of my favourite bands of the last few years. Mad Nanna from Melbourne know how to make a lot out of a little. Their musical performance professes to a certain technical incompetence. It sounds like they improvise their songs in sporadic sessions. Mad Nanna play stripped down tunes based on one riff and some simple accompaniments. The music is anything but tight and complex, but that's just one of it's main secrets. They serve a minimalistic and highly unique version of early Christchurch bands like The Victor Dimisich Band, The Bilders and Pin Group. "I wanna see you" is an immediate, short tune, while "The Nectarine Tree" on the flipside leads into a more dissonant and broken musical direction. If you dig Mad Nanna's previous releases, you will also be digging this 7". (Listen to it here)

MULTICULT - JAWS / LUXIRY 7" (Reptilian)
Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland Multicult recall the sound of 90s noise-rock groups like Shellac, Unwound and The Jesus Lizard. After two full LPs and one 7" this new single released by the long running Reptilian label offers two equally magnificent tunes. If I didn't know it better, I would think these songs were recorded about twenty years ago. The loud, tight rythm section with heavy bass lines and groovy beats forms the basis for the unconventional and refreshing guitar playing. The mumbled vocals are another reason, why Multicult are more than a copy of some old Touch & Go releases. Instead, this band has developed their own original interpretation of classic noise-rock influences. Great! (Listen to it here)

In the last couple of years Justin Frye has put out countless of releases with his PC Worship project. All band members live in a house in Brooklyn, where they've gathered several different instruments they can use at any time. The main thing all PC Worship records have in common, is their unconventional sound. They create a style of music, that's impossible to be labeled. That being said the latest PC Worship output once again expands the bounds of post-punk and psych-rock in an absolutely unique way. The titletrack is an urgent and psychedleic instrumental made with an acoustic guitar. "Mellow Moon" on the b-side is a more "typical" PC Worship song sounding like a aimless and arty slipstream of oscillating ideas and fragments. The band's improvised approach is somewhat reminiscent of Dead C, even if their music sounds different. (Listen to it here)

Very few current bands can claim to play a original brand of punk. Sleaford Mods are one of those exceptions. This British duo suceeds in creating something fresh and new. They are active since 2007, but it has taken some time until they've gained the attention they've deserved. Equipped with some pumping bass-riffs, cheap drum-beats and stripped down electronic sounds Sleaford Mods play a mixture of punk and hip hop. With a quite heavy British accent the spoken vocal style is highly distinctive and the angry, pissed off lyrics full of swear words are nothing but brilliant. Sleaford Mods combine the groove of The Fall with the minimal sound of The Normals and hip hop influences simular to The Streets. The titletrack is taken from their "The Mekon" album from 2007, but both tunes on the b-side are so far unreleased. This is something you have to hear. Fantastic! (Listen to it here)