Wednesday, September 17, 2014

NEW 7"s PART 1 OF 2

In contrast to most other current groups Amsterdam's The Anomalys are true to the raw and wild spirit of original garage music. Since about ten years this Dutch trio celebrates musical inspirations of the 1960s in perfection, while not forgetting to add their own unique touch. Their latest "Deadline Blues" 7" is a perfect example of a single that can be described as "double a-side". Both tunes will make every good party swing. Stylish from head to toe The Anomalys deliver a frantic mixture of stomping beats, sharp guitar riffs and catchy choruses. The main reason for the rough sound are the throaty vocals sounding like something normally heard in killed by death punk from the late 70s. Fans of traditional rock'n'roll, garage and eary punk won't be dissapointed here. (Listen to it here)

Even if Batman abandoned his former companion Robin and replaced him by Garagekid, this 7" continues exactly where Batman & Robin's previous singles left off. With a raw and distorted, yet brilliantly recorded sound quality, this duo from Munich, Bavaria unleashes four cuts of dirty garage-punk. The crudeness, stomping beats, crushing guitar sound and sing-along choruses can all be traced back to the classic sound of 90s garage. The recordings sounds like an homage to The Mummies, The Oblivians, The Gories and Thee Headcoats, but Batman & Garagekid are a lot funnier and more gaga than your average garage band, and consequently you will want to take this 7" right to the next party (Listen to it here)

The debut single by Black Gust from Zagreb, Croatia takes the aggression of their early 80s US hardcore and fuses it with the more textured, atmospheric, layered sounds of garage and post-punk. "Psychedelic Maelstrom" features six hymns of driving, heavy rockin' punk with some dark undercurrents. It's all here: outstanding guitar driven melodies, incredible vocals, driving rhythms and thick bass lines. You could compare this to Adolescents, The Stooges, Agent Orange, Wipers and early Turbonegro, but of course this 7" speaks a musical language of it's own. This is great and highly addictive stuff! By the way, Black Gust will soon release a split 7" with Jonestown Aloha and I can't wait to hold it in my hands. (Listen to it here)

Without any doubt, Catholic Guilt are one of the main musical highlights of Austria's current DIY punk/hardcore scene and their latest 7" is another true winner record. This trio from Graz plays a discordant, gloomy and striking style of hardcore. Taking the darkness of early midwest hardcore along the lines of Necros and Die Kreuzen and then pairing it with influences of classic "Network Of Friends" era European hardcore, the band breathes new life into the current wave of 80s hardcore immitations. The six songs on this 7" even have a bit of an early Hüsker Dü feel at times because of the outstanding, guitar-driven melodies. This is a great example of how to use classic influences without getting boring and stereotype. Highly recommended! (Listen tit it here)

CHEAP RIOT - PART TIME VACANCY 7" (Requiem Pour Un Twister)
This is the debut single by Cheap Riot from Paris, France featuring one guy of Les Spadassins. This band is probably the best thing you can imagine between sweet 60's garage and early UK punk and powerpop. The two masterful pop tunes on this 7" are driven by hooks that instantly lodge themselves in your memory. This product of sweetness and teenage angst will make you Undertones, Television Personalities and Buzzcocks lovers out there forget the modern world around. With a groovy and sticky guitar and brilliant vocal harmonies Cheap Riot create the perfect soundtrack for the sunny sides of life. It's limited to 250 copies only, so be fast and buy one of these little vinyl jewels. (Listen to it here)

Playing in the league of new Croation bands along with Black Gust and Modern Delusion this three-piece from Zagreb has developed a truely authentic and outstanding sound. Their fine debut single is comprised of four mid-tempo tracks, mixing the snottiness of late 70s killed by death punk with a feeling for melodies reminiscent of The Adolsecents and some hints of current Portland bands like Autistic Youth or Piss Test. The songs are stripped down and simple but at the same time they keep a addictive catchiness. On the basis of killer guitar-leads, sharp riffs, driving bass lines and melodic vocals Divided Minds delivers a orignal  hardcore-punk 7" that leaves nothing to be desired. (Listen to it here)

Sydney based four-piece King Tears Mortuary returns with it's second 7". Except some damn excellent and drifty pop-punk armed to the teeth with sweet melodies, drive and a good noisy hint. Musically the six tunes merge jangle-pop in the tradition of The Bats, The Go-Betweens or The Clean with a high level of punch and punk-rock energy. The songs are short and to the point and there's not a single second that feels wasted. This 7" guarantees feel-good moments with it's density of perfect melodies and on top of that you get some really outstanding mixed-gender vocals. Another highlight from Australia's underground scene that you should not miss. (Listen to it here)

KÜKEN - BLACK ROSE 7" (Bachelor)
Küken are a new band from Hamburg, Germany featuring two members of The Kidnappers and compared to them these recordings are bit more direct and even more stripped down to bare necessities. "Black Rose", the band's two track debut single for Bachelor, shows a penchant for rattling killed by death punk mixed with the melodic outbursts of Jay Reatard and an undercurrent of highly developed pop songwriting skills. What you get is a two minute punk blast on the a- and b-side. With the help of straight-forward guitars and song structures Küken write vintage punk tunes driven by catchy choruses, razor-sharp riffs and crashing cymbals.This first Küken 7" leaves you begging for more! (Listen to it here)

Here's yet another winner record released by Doomtown Records from Zagreb, Croatia. Modern Delusion are one of those bands that really create a style and a sound of their own. The songwriting is somewhere between the weirdness of synth-punk, the force of 70s punk and the gloominess of 80s UK wave. After a brilliant demo tape this split 7" marks their first three songs that come out on a piece of vinyl. Fans of The Dickies, Devo, Lost Sounds and Tubeway Army won't be dissapointed here. Hailing from Belgrad, Chresus Jist deliver three tunes that pull from the pop leanings of garage music and the guitar-driven structures of 90s indie-rock. It's amazing how the recordings mix catchy melodies, a lo-fi production and rough hints in a unique blend of noise and pop. Very nice! (Listen to it here)

MR GARRISON - S/T 7" (Azbin) 
All you punk lovers know that France is well-known for it's strong garage scene. Named after a character in South Park Mr Garrison deliver a four track debut 7" that takes classic influences to create a fresh and interesting sound. What you get is a perfect intersection of raw, wild and heavy shaking Crypt style 90s garage with the more modern sound of Ty Segall or Thee Oh Sees. In between, Mr Garrison don't forget to fuse their frantic blasts with a propulsive force of super catchy melodies. It's heavy, energetic and fueled by ugly buzzing guitars, a pounding rhythm section and brilliant vocal harmonies. This is great garage-punk in the way it was meant to be! (Listen to it here

PAIN DIMENSION- BRAINWASH 7" (Requiem Pour Un Twister)
The debut 7" by Pain Dimension from Melun in the suburbs of Paris, France displays classic influences from the 60s but expands upon the typcial format of the genre, through the unique qualities of it's sound. From the first second of the opening track an atmospheric psych-punk groove encapsulates your senses and takes you on a trip into Pain Dimension's reverberated universe. Soaked with raw energy, plenty of hooklines and a vintage spirit the three tracks sound like a rush of swirling psychedelia, wild garage-punk and melodic pop vibrations. All you need is in there: echo-saturated vocals, fuzz-laden guitars, throbbing bass lines, rattling drums and an old fashioned prodcution. Fantastic. (Listen to it here)
From the first note out of your speakers, this gem offers wild party music that sounds exactly like something you expect from a group dressed as vampires. Musically The Parrots from Madrid, Spain take you to a different time and place entirely. The two tracks on their debut 7" are a stunning rush of 60s garage-punk powered by addictive melodies, reverberated vocal harmonies, sick background screams and guitars that are jangly and dirty enough without being overloaded on distortion. The whole thing offers a trashy, cheesy and stripped-down sound, that makes you think of a product of The Cramps and more current bands like New Swears, King Khan or Hunx and his Punx. This 7" is ideally suited for the playlist of your next house party! (Listen to it here)